Fragment Design x Stanley water bottles releasing March 15th
Fragment Design x Stanley water bottles releasing March 15th

Stanley Cup: From a notorious viral sensation to streetwear collaboration with Fragment Design

The Stanley cup has been a viral sensation on TikTok, gaining significant attention in recent months. Despite not being a streetwear brand, Stanley is stepping into the realm of collaborations, with its latest venture partnering with Japanese streetwear brand fragment design, led by Hiroshi Fujiwara.



Starbucks x Stanley limited release at Target


Stanley x Starbucks 2024


A new era for Stanley

Stanley's collaboration with fragment design marks a significant evolution, moving beyond its previous partnerships with Starbucks and Target. Although Stanley x Fragment x Starbucks did a triple collaboration back in 2018, this collaboration signals Stanley's entry into the streetwear space, positioning itself alongside renowned fashion brands seeking streetwear credibility.




The power and influence of Fragment Design

Founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara in the early ‘90s, fragment design has become synonymous with streetwear collaborations among fashion giants. By partnering with fragment design, Stanley aims to leverage its reputation and expertise to enhance its brand image and appeal to a broader audience.






Bridging tradition with a modern twist

With over a century of existence, Stanley has established itself as a trusted brand, renowned for its durable thermoses and water bottles. The collaboration with fragment design introduces a modern twist, combining Stanley's timeless design with fragment's contemporary aesthetic.



Appealing to a diverse audience 

While the collaboration aims to attract streetwear enthusiasts, it also appeals to Stanley's existing fan base. The fusion of fragment's design prowess with Stanley's practicality creates products that cater to a wide range of consumers, from fashion-forward individuals to loyal Stanley customers.

Fragment x Starbucks


Fragment x Starbucks


Fragment x Starbucks


The Fragment x Stanley Collection

The fragment x Stanley collaboration, set to launch on March 15, features a range of products including vacuum bottles, growlers, and flasks. These items are designed in an updated shade of army green, paying homage to Stanley's classic designs, and adorned with co-branded logos representing both fragment and Stanley.


Fragment x Starbucks
Fragment x Starbucks


https___hypebeast.com_image_2018_06_starbucks-fragment-design-stanley-stainless-steel-bottle-1 (1).avif
Fragment x Stanley x Starbucks

Availability and accessibility

The fragment x Stanley collection will be available on Stanley's Japanese web store and at Dover Street Market Ginza. With its online availability and limited in-store distribution, acquiring these collaborative pieces is expected to be hassle-free compared to traditional streetwear drops. For American fans, obtaining any of the water bottles from this drop will require either enlisting the help of friends or family members in Japan to act as proxies or making the journey overseas to acquire them firsthand.

Concluding thoughts on the Stanley x Fragment collaboration

Fragment had a long history of collaborative work alongside Starbucks since 2012, which involved Stanley in June 2018. Now, the collaboration between fragment design and Stanley represents a significant milestone for both brands. This new chapter demonstrates Stanley's transition from a viral sensation to a recognized player in the streetwear arena, while also showcasing fragment design's ability to collaborate with diverse partners.

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